Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education community is seeking people with valuable skills and experience.

Experience Engaged Early Childhood Service Corps

In collaboration with Denver Early Childhood Council, Denver Preschool Program and Mile High Early Learning, and metro Denver early childhood centers, Experience Engaged is conducting a program that allows older adults to provide professional support to address challenges confronting the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Workforce. Mobilization of this unique volunteer force of passionate, talented older adults occurs in the following ways:

In the Classroom
We recruit and train older adults interested in learning about the Early Childhood field to be a part of our Early Childhood Service Corps.  Using the existing Experience Engaged training coursework as the framework, we add specific Early Childhood focus areas and modules to allow our Early Childhood Service Corps members to be prepared and qualified to volunteer in early childhood home and center sites. Additionally, we prepare them to continue their education to become Early Childhood Teachers or Substitute Teachers and apply for employment if they desire.

Leadership Support
We use volunteers to build the professional capacity of Early Childhood programs, both licensed centers and home care providers.  We call these individuals Volunteer Business Advisors (VBAs).  Our VBAs possess a wide variety of skills and experiences that we match with specific needs in areas that include human resources, legal, finance, construction, strategic planning, information technology, business planning/modeling, accounting, and more. We use our EC training program to ensure our volunteers achieve success while working in the Early Childhood field.

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