We Recruit, Train, Match, And Deploy Adults Aged 50+ Into Meaningful Volunteer Work.

The training can be as simple as learning how life and career skills translate to meaningful involvement in high-need nonprofits — or as involved as a robust curriculum that leads to recognition as a Health Care Navigator with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Each individual has unique interests, talents, and availability so options for involvement are tailored to meet their needs as volunteers in three broad categories:  Flex Volunteers, Fellowship Program, and Workforce Path. Each program area then prepares individuals for their placements with site specific information.

You have unique interests, talents and availability. We provide options for involvement tailored to meet your interests with 3 volunteer pathways:





We also present educational programming through our own Experience U which engages our audiences in topics that provide a deeper understanding of our community and how service work can be enriching.

Experience U (EU) began in 2015, to respond to Older Adults’ desire for continuous learning and to engage with Experience Engaged even if folks are not initially seeking a service placement. EU provides an opportunity for connections and the formation of networks of like-minded individuals. For five years, EU produced a revolving portfolio of presentations, mini-trainings, and interactive sessions led by professionals in their sector of expertise. In 2021, EU is now offering a platform for our constituency to share their expertise and experience on a given topic. It is a different way to ‘volunteer’! In addition, we will host a limited number of Marquee Events, featuring a personality or program of exceptional appeal to our Older Adult constituents.