Experience U – Our North Star: Participatory Reading of the U.S. Constitution

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  • Participatory Reading of the U.S. Constitution
    October 29, 2020
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

A FREE reading of the U.S. Constitution featuring key portions of the document with our special guest: Alexander Hamilton. Participants will receive a free pocket-size copy of the Constitution.


Experience U Presentation:
Our North Star: Reading of the Constitution with Alexander Hamilton

4 p.m., Thursday, October 29, 2020 (*please arrive early so that we can begin at 4p.m.)

Please join us us for a collective reading of the U.S. Constitution–a historic document that has endured for more than 230 years. Our very Special Guest host for the evening will be Founding Father Alexander Hamilton portrayed by the much-lauded history scholar and Colorado-based performer Hal Bidlack Ph.D. Bidlack’s performance will capture the intellect, wit, humor, and humanity of one of our nation’s most important historical figures.

Besides being one of the key architects of the U.S. Constitution, Hamilton was the founder of the Bank of New York, the first Secretary of the Treasury, and one of the primary authors of the Federalist Papers. He also rose to the rank of General under Washington’s Continental Army and preferred to be addressed with that distinguished military title.

General Hamilton will provide an insightful overview of the Constitution and will lead fellow Americans in a participatory reading of key provisions of the document.  Perhaps the Constitution’s best known segment is the 52-word preamble which famously begins with: “We The People…” and is followed by seven articles and 27 amendments. The First 10 Amendments–collectively known as the Bill of Rights- restricts powers of the government and provides for civil rights and key liberties. The First Amendment includes provisions for freedom of religion; freedom of speech; freedom of assembly; right to petition; and freedom of press.

Several of the key Articles and Amendments will be read aloud followed by a lively Q&A. This is a Free event open to those who want to get a better understanding of our government’s guiding principals of particular interest during these politically turbulent times. All participants will receive a pocket-size copy of the US Constitution mailed to you by BLC!

All you armchair U.S. Constitution enthusiasts, we know you’re out there…!