Reading of the U.S. Constitution

Experience U Presentation (* FREE):

Our North Star: Participatory Reading of the U.S. Constitution


4 p.m., Thursday, October 2020

As part of this FREE public event, we will be reading key portions of the U.S. Constitution, a historic document that has endured for more than 230 years and is the foundation of our form of government.

Among the most famous portions of the Constitution is the 52-word preamble which famously begins with: “We The People. …” We also plan to review the Constitution’s seven articles and 27 amendments and the three branches of the U.S. government – Legislative, Judicial, and Executive – and how each determines and influences our national laws and policies.

The First 10 Amendments–collectively known as the Bill of Rights- restricts powers of the government and provides for civil rights and key liberties. The First Amendment includes provisions for freedom of religion; freedom of speech; freedom of assembly; right to petition; and freedom of press.

As part of this participatory reading, we are recruiting individuals who are comfortable reading key selections of this historic document followed by a lively Question & Answer (Q&A) with a special guest.

This is a Free event open to those who want to get a better understanding of our government’s guiding principals of particular interest during these politically turbulent times.

All you armchair U.S. Constitution enthusiasts, we know you’re out there…