\”My inside motto is ‘make the world a kinder, better place\’\”.

She is indeed living up to her personal motto. I recently sat down (over Zoom) with the zestful, effervescent spirt who is Denise Raposa. To know Denise is to feel comfort and hope in your day, in your life.

What’s more? She is spreading her impact across the country. Denise has the unique role of being the first volunteer for Experience Engaged who resides outside of Colorado—so exciting that our touchpoints are expanding nationally!!

Denise is serving in the ever-critical role of Health Navigator, which is one of three core areas of focus identified by our newly re-branded Experience Engaged organization (previously Boomers Leading Change). Introduced to Experience Engaged, she found that “it was really fun to discover an organization that truly wants to connect people to help society and the community.” Well said, Denise.

As she pursued this new passion, life threw a curveball. Denise was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2001 and undergoing treatment, observed the appearance of what she called “chemo brain.” How, she thought, “Can I go to school”?


Fast forward. Denise, now with her vast experience in the corporate world coupled with her master’s degree in psychology, adding in her passion for helping people. . . and voila, she is tailored made for Health Navigation.

Denise has been volunteering over the past year in this role for Benefits in Action with a focus on helping people access Medicare. Specifically, she is a SHIP (State Health Insurance Program) counselor. And to think she’s doing this work for Colorado from California . . . investing in the true human collective, of which we are so in need!!

After hearing Denise’s life journey to date and realizing all the amazing things she has done and continues to do with her life, what struck a chord with me the most was her humble admission:
“I’m learning to stop making judgements, [instead] taking each individual as who they are and trying to make the most of what we can do together.”

Denise, thank you!! Let’s take your lead, drop the judgements, and make the most of what we can do together.

Collective Impact Deserves A Standing Ovation

How did we get lucky enough to pull Denise and her positivity into our fold? Well, like so many of our extraordinary folks, she has a story to tell.

Denise went on to become the Director of Risk Management for two restaurant companies in the Southern California area and realized how much she liked helping people in need by connecting them with resources that improved their well-being. That, coupled with a desire to understand people, made her a perfect candidate for the world of psychology and thus, a life pivot.