Ken Tisdale

Was Boomers Leading Change ever glad that Ken Tisdale (aka “Motorhead”) landed his sights on them!!! Leaving a long-time career in the corporate IT world, Ken was looking to give back. It turns out that BLC partner, St. Anthony North Family Medicine Clinic, had just the right mix of giving back for Ken as a Health Coach in the Experience Engaged fellowship program, which also gave him the opportunity to draw upon his vast experience in IT. I personally am one of the lucky fellows who benefitted from Ken’s IT training on the hospital’s software system.

“Back in 2017, I was prepared to get out of the high tech rat race, and I took my time looking around for what might be available that was not a corporate environment.”

After four years of service at St. Anthony North, Ken took on a new fellowship role in February for Senior Resource Center in Evergreen as a Meals on Wheels volunteer for Volunteers of America. As he reflects, he states that he is keeping busy and loving his new role. One thing you know quickly about Ken is how much he loves to stay busy in a meaningful and purposeful role. And our community is better for it!

What is a little less known in volunteer circles is Ken’s love and passion for cars. He is a self-proclaimed “Motorhead,” dating back to his youth during which time he and his Dad purchased a 1963 Volvo 122S. According to Ken, he “took apart and rebuilt” this classic gem many times—sometimes solo and sometimes with help from his Dad. He has since gone on to collect many gems, which have included a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger British sports car that he drove cross country in 1992 with his best friend; a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera Italian “rocket” purchased in 1999; and a 1988 Ford Thunderbird turbo coupe purchased just this month.

Ken Tisdale, We Salute YOU!!

Are you following in Ken’s footsteps, wanting to remain busy in a meaningful and purposeful way? Check out our site for more info on becoming an Experience Engaged Fellow.