Boomers on Millennials

“They work hard, I’ll say that.”
–Carol Tierney, former Experience Engaged Fellow, on watching her Millennial family members navigate their daily journey

This is just one of many things I learned from the group of Boomers who recently indulged me by sharing their journey with Millennials. I am again reminded, as we at Experience Engaged (formerly Boomers Leading Change) continue to shine light on intergenerational interaction, that WE NEED EACH OTHER . . . outside of our silos, outside of our comfort zones, outside of our familiar . . . WE NEED EACH OTHER.

How is this manifested?

For Lisa Armao of Experience Engaged, Millennials in her life have inspired her to ask for help when she needs it:

Bob Brocker, Board Member for A Little Help and President of AgeWise Colorado, is struck by how selfless Millennials he knows are and how much they want to help others:

For Carol Tierney, it has also meant looking back and realizing how far women have advanced from the Boomers to the Millennials generation:

When Carol shared this story with me, I conjured up such a vivid image that one might say Carol sat at the bus stop that day, and with her “wave,” paved the way for women coming behind her to join the proverbial group of male classmates who were headed to take the LSAT .

Gail Evans, a program participant with Experience Engaged, also weighed in on the foundation being paved for Millennial women by some of her peers and some unprecedented female leadership roles on television:

I was also curious about the integration of Millennials in today’s workforce. I looked no further than longtime friend Fritz Garger for a really astute view on recruiting Millennials today (Fritz has held a senior leadership position for many, many years in our community):

“They [Millennials] want to be part of something that matters.”
–Fritz Garger, Executive Director, USTA (United States Tennis Association) Colorado

So . . . . how might we build upon the momentum of today’s younger generations and their learnings? How might we thrive by intentionally keeping each other in our lives?

“I think we have to come at conversations with more open hearts.”
–Lisa Armao, Experience Engaged Early Childhood Project Manager

Or, as Gail Evans, pleads, “Just find ONE [Millennial with whom to make a connection.”

She encourages us next time we are in a Starbucks or neighborhood coffee shop to find a younger person and buy them a cup of coffee or simply say, “Hi.”

Gail, I am confident that we can all do this.

Let us know how you are bridging the gap across generations in your life this week.